October 1, 2015

PSA For Target Lovers

You're going to like this one, but your buyers remorse may not! Starting today, October 1, Target.com has expanded their price match list from 5 to 29 retailers. Some of the newly added stores include Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond, just to name a couple. Shoppers can now surf the web to find the best deals and Target will match prices up to 14 days of purchase. That's not all. Unlike before, those shopping at Target.com are now able to access the same deals whether buying online or in the store. Ca-ching! I can hear my savings now.

This is BIG news to the online shoppers of the world (like us 3) and it comes at a convenient time with holiday shopping season right around the corner. To get the party started, we collected some of our favorite things currently found at Target. You know you can never have enough booties.

Shop. Save. Repeat. You're welcome.
We don't know what we are crushing on more, those strappy pumps, the woven clutch, or that suede dress. You tell us. Actually we are really crushing on it all, so don't make us pick. Happy shopping!


  1. Great picks! They look fab x


  2. I love target - wish they had it here in Denmark.

    Have a fab day :)

    A x

    1. Can you order online and have it shipped to you still?! I really hope so xoxo

  3. Great picks!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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