October 5, 2015

Learning How to Swim

Here I sit, knee deep in my to-do list. It’s full of things for school, my job, and just life in general. Lately, my drive to be productive has hit an all time low. If you happen to find where I have lost my motivation, please let me know, because I dearly need it back. I can’t seem to pull it together to get anything done. I have a handful of incomplete projects that need to come to completion, and it feels never ending. I am a full-time student, with a part time job, and a social life that fills the remaining time gaps.

I’ve hit the brick wall that has been labeled “senioritis.” Actually, I am pretty sure that if you look up senioritis in the dictionary, you will find a picture of me there with gold stars next to my name. I don’t have much desire to write another paper or read another chapter in a textbook. I don’t really care to spend my time commenting on another discussion board or searching for anymore peer-reviewed academic journals for my latest research assignment. This lack of determination has caused me to become so behind in my classes, and in case you didn’t know, deadlines that have passed are more stressful than deadlines that are upcoming.

So as I’m surrounded by all of these things on my to-do list demanding my time, it sometimes feels like I’m drowning.  I’ve found myself sitting in the sand on the bottom of the ocean with the coral and starfish not really knowing what to do or where to start.  Last night I submitted an assignment, and realized that I am learning how to swim again.  I am remembering how to channel my ambition and get things done.  

I’m so thankful that my head is above water again because I have missed blogging.  Blogging has become an outlet for me and something that I adore.  I am overjoyed to get back to this love of mine.  Although our readers may be few, we appreciate you.  Thank you all for reading, commenting, loving, and supporting us.


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