Meet the Girls

Hannah can be defined by the 4 F’s: Family, Friendship, Food, and Flannels. She is the down to earth one and the brains of the trio. With a recent change in career path and school, Hannah is now in the process of receiving her undergrad in communication with a minor in business and science. She is fueled by tea, but s’mores are the way to her heart. Stripes are her fashion staple. She will always try something once and lives for the thrill of finding a good bargain.

Kate is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. She is currently working on her masters in higher education after receiving her undergrad in psychology. People are her passion, which explains her dreams of one day guiding students throughout their college experience. She’s a lover of hammocking and her closet practically consists of neutrals. Coffee and cold brews are her obsession, so finding coffee shops that aren’t overrun by basics is a simple pleasure.

Nicolette is the wild and creative one. She believes in the magic of finding the perfect pair of jeans, or shoes, or both. She’s a designer with a witty sense of humor and a shopping obsession. The one who likes to cook, but never follows the recipe exact, which mimics her attitude in life – just go with it. Her best advice: when in doubt, choose black, always. She’s the sports fanatic that is in a love triangle with margaritas and wine.

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