September 14, 2015

Calling All Cider Slushies

If my personality had to be summed up in one phrase it would be: girls like me are made of sarcasm and wine. I figured it’s about that time where you get to know a little more of me and my witty ways.

So, you have already learned that I am the one who is in a perpetual love triangle with margaritas and wine. Being the margarita connoisseur that I am, I am always down for a solid tequila drink, as long as it’s not straight – you can blame my 21st birthday for that one. Though I have my favorite wines, I do try to spread my wineo wings by consistently buying bottles that I have never tried. Dry reds aren’t my thing just yet, but I am working on that rocky relationship.

I’m a lover of anything that has to do with fall – all pumpkin everything. This weekend was the definition of autumn perfection. Leaves had fallen, festivals were in full swing, outside concerts were playing, the weather called for a cardigan, and cider slushes were being served. Nothing screams fall more than sipping on a cider slush while sitting on a pumpkin.

Another tidbit about myself, if you haven't already gathered from this post, is that I am head over heels for Beyoncé (I did not wake up like this, in case you were wondering). Beyoncé is my spirit animal. So much so, that I was actually once in an interview, and they asked me to draw my spirit animal, and what did I draw? A bee wearing a crown. When I am needing a self-confidence booster, Beyoncé. When I need to get my groove on, Beyoncé. When you’re out with your ladies and the night calls for that one song to get the party started, Beyoncé. Do you see a pattern here? When in doubt the answer is Beyoncé. She has taught me valuable life lessons like, girls do in fact run the world. She’s #flawless and the ultimate queen. Beyoncé, if you ever want another daughter and are open to adoption, holla at your girl. Sorry mom.

I’m also a margarita induced karaoke singer, dog lover, self-taught knitter, and one that enjoys a neutral palette. As this blog unfolds and blossoms into whatever it may be, you will be exposed to more of myself and my adventures. You will probably be figuring things out as I am figuring them out for myself. After all, I am a twenty-something girl who is in the beginning stages of my career and taking on life as it’s thrown at me.

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