September 30, 2015

Farmers Markets & Reunions

Who doesn’t love a farmers market? It’s slightly heartbreaking to know they are nearing the end of their season’s run. While refusing to accept that the end is near, I have been trying to visit a market every weekend. I am such a sucker for ripe veggies, homemade soap, fresh honey, and dog treats.

This weekend I traveled back to my hometown for my very first high school reunion. Honestly, I had zero plans on attending any type of high school gathering unless “after party” was in the title. However, plans changed when our class president called me saying it was an utter disaster – 4 people had showed up and if I were to come with one of my girlfriends, we would make 6, plus a dog, so 7. Talk about a rager. Maybe our 10 year will have a better turnout?

We made the best of it by playing drinking games cards, going to get mex and margaritas, then hitting our town’s fall festival were they had live music and $1.50 beers. What could get better than $1.50 beers with old friends? Nothing. Okay, maybe if you added in karaoke or meeting Ryan Gosling.

See you in 5 years, Class of 2010. Maybe more of you hooligans will show up the next time around.

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