September 9, 2015

Who Knew A Monday Could Be So Great?

My life is usually go-go-go; moving from one event to the next. During the week I am usually busy until the wee hours of the morning and on weekends I am traveling to see family or friends. However, this past Monday gave me the gift of all gifts – a day off. Monday became my saving grace.

If we are being honest, I could have used an entire weeks’ worth of Mondays like this. You know, the kind of day were sleeping until noon is acceptable, drinking countless cups of coffee just because I can, and jamming to music while enjoying some good reads in a hammock. Days like such are few and far between because this is the real world now and there is money to be earned and bills needing to be paid. Sigh.

This Monday off was a chance for me to get my life back in order because my life is a hot mess, like all of the time. I hope everyone else enjoyed their extra-long weekend!

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